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WiFi Impacts - Scientific Research

14 Oct 2022   author: Mia Kallu

Radiation from a router that conducts Wi-Fi waves to rooms and premises is now present in almost every home. Even if there is no router, waves can seep in from neighboring apartments. Many are concerned about the question of how much radiation from a Wi-Fi router would negatively affect the body? Will the router harm?

Since the creation of these devices, many experiments have been carried out on the subject of the effect of Wi-Fi waves on people. After receiving the data, some scientists have spoken out about how serious the harm of Wi-Fi can be.

Brain Photos
Brain Photos

Almost from the very moment the devices were created, scientists in the US and UK began to experiment with Wi-Fi to know the influence of magnetic waves on babies and adults was studied to determine if Wi-Fi is harmful or not.

A few years have passed since the emergence of the technology. Even today, however, pediatricians and radio wave specialists share data about cellular radio devices and transmission of Internet data. Most people tend to think that the waves are harmful.

Interesting! British scientists conducted about 10 studies of various devices, among which there was also a router.

In the end, it was established that exposure to Wi-Fi waves does not greatly affect human health, regardless of how expensive the equipment may be. According to scientists based in London, the harm of waves is seriously overestimated.

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