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Russian Scientists about Effects of WiFi on Human Body

14 Oct 2022   author: Mia Kallu

Scientist D. Backstein

No large-scale studies have been carried out on the territory of Russia. Therefore, domestic researchers refer to foreign data when forming their conclusions, which in turn do not contradict to Western findings. The harm of Wi-Fi is considered insignificant or completely non-existent, the frequency of health deterioration does not increase with a round-the-clock exposure to a radio signal.

Most of the domestic scientists spoke in favor of a neutral attitude towards radiation of radio waves. They believe that it is recommended to reduce it by turning off the electrical device at night, but you should not absolutely exclude the harm to Wi-Fi to health. If it is detected - there is no confirmed harm from the constant exposure to radiation, then it must be considered as insignificant.

Effects of Wifi
Effects of Wifi

Expert Nadezhda Koloskova, doctor of the highest category, looks into the dangers of waves from a router. She received experimental data from examining patients who regularly use the device. She says the following:

  • - Decades are needed for an absolutely verifiable study of the effects.
  • - It is required to reduce the presence of children near the equipment, but no complete prohibition.
  • - There will be less danger if technologies are used less frequently.
The pediatrician believes that the effect of waves on health is not serious, but it still exists. The International Association of Oncologists, studying the research of doctors from different parts of the world, did not find a direct interpolation between electromagnetic exposure from devices and the onset of malignant neoplasms.

One of the scientists, D. Backshtein, confirmed this opinion with information from the IET. The material considered by the scientist contains about 10 studies. There is no direct connection with oncological diseases, however, relevant studies have not been completed at the moment.

Important! Surveys were conducted on the effect of technology on the human brain, central nervous system and human body. There was no direct oncoeffect found.

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