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Negative Impacts from Wi-Fi: Adults, Children, Males Potency

14 Oct 2022   author: Mia Kallu

The question was studied whether the radiation from a Wi-Fi router is harmful to adult human body, the child's body and male potency. It should go into more detail:

Influence on the vascular system of the head. When doctors wanted to figure out if Wi-Fi was harmful to health, they conducted studies that touched on various organs and systems. The effect on the vascular system of the head was studied. Danish scientists tested teenagers. Each child was asked to put a gadget with Wi-Fi connected under their head while sleeping. In the morning, they took measurements of the state of the body. It was found that a larger number of patients had vasospasms, and concentration of attention has deteriorated. This study cannot be considered "clean", because only children with thinner skulls took part in it. In addition, the subject could receive most of the waves from the gadget, and not from the Wi-Fi signal. The question of the degree of its harm to the body of children is still open today.

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Kids and WiFi

The harm of Wi-Fi to a child is present because of the thin bones in their skull. WHO stated that the signal is dangerous for a young organism due to the strong magnetic radiation that the access point emits, and the mobile phone or PC receives. But the organization does not have solid grounds and evidence, on the basis of which the harm of the router transmitter can be determined as a risk.

The danger of radio waves for the male potency

Another area in which experiments were carried out was male sexual function. To study, scientists took two samples of male biofluid, which were placed in different conditions. Initially, a spermogram was performed, showing the number of healthy or dead male reproductive cells. One sample was placed near a PC connected to the Web, and file documents were downloaded, the second was placed in a standard environment without radio waves from the router. It should be kept in mind that it was not the harm to male potency that was tested, but how radiation affects the life of sperm cells. In the biomaterial, which was located near the PC, 25% of cells died, whereas in the second sample only 14%. This indicated that the waves harm the quality of sperm. Scientists performed more studies that tested the quality of the biomaterial. DNA was measured in living sperm cells. Defects in the sample protected from radio waves were 3%, and in cells near the router it comprised 9%. For the final check, we also conducted a study on a PC with a wired connection. There were no problems. It is better for the representatives of the stronger sex not to put the PC at the level of the groin when Wi-Fi is working.

Important! The conclusion of the doctors: it is necessary to pay less attention to fashionable inventions, try to choose a safe distance from the Wi-Fi router. In fact, due to the development of technology, modern modifications of devices emit a minimum of dangerous waves.

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