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How to Place a WiFi Router in an Apartment

14 Oct 2022   author: Mia Kallu

Many people are thinking about giving up the use of TV, microwave, smartphone and other electrical appliances. Each of them emits radio radiation and has an effect on the human body. But the danger is so weak that it cannot lead to any pathologies. It is only important to follow certain recommendations that will reduce the effect of electromagnetic waves.

Placing router in apartment
Placing router in apartment

Interesting! It has been accurately proven that brain activity does not change depending on the duration of presence near an electrical device. That is, it has a very weak effect on the central nervous system.

Cancer has nothing to do with Wi-Fi. Cancer cells grow due to strong electromagnetic radiation, but routers have low levels. Waves are harmless to blood. Therefore, you can not be afraid of blood cancer and other pathologies of blood vessels.

The only thing that radiation really affects is human sight. However, the relationship here is insignificant. Wi-Fi makes a person more often to be on the global web, which deteriorates vision. But this connection applies to another technique:

  • television;
  • telephone;
  • PC
Important! There is no particular danger of harm from the router. The main thing is not to place the device close, the safe distance is 2-3 meters.

Location in the Bedroom

Despite the fact that there is no 100% proof of the dangers of Wi-Fi, if one can stop using the router and switch to a wire connection, then this is the best solution to be safe. If this is not possible, it is necessary to reduce the effect of the device on a person to the maximum.

When arranging an access point in an apartment space, you should not place an electrical appliance near a place to sleep or where a person has been present for a long time. In the situation of an office space or any other institution, instead of 2-5 access points it is better to install one, but with a larger radius of action.

If the wireless network is not used for a long time, the access point must be turned off, since even when it is not active, it transmits electrical signals. The same approach must be used at night.

Reducing Exposure from a Router Device

Some rules have been developed for those who wish to reduce the effect of Wi-Fi. There is no official proof of this, but if you are afraid for your health, it is better to use only the wire. The data cannot be transmitted as easily as before, but the harm is minimized. If wireless communication is required in a home, there are other methods to reduce the danger from an electrical appliance and its effect on the body:

  • * You can install the router far away from people. If the device is located at a considerable distance, the danger will subside.
  • * Do not put appliances next to the bedroom. If Wi-Fi is distributed in the office, it is better to use one powerful device rather than 2-4 at different points in the office.
  • * The wireless device emits signals constantly, so if the network is not used for a long time, the device must be turned off. Before going to bed, you need to turn off the router, and turn it on in the morning, it's not so difficult if you develop a habit to do so.
  • * These simple measures will help reduce the negative impact of Wi-Fi technology on the body. These actions will not be superfluous even considering that the device cannot seriously harm if you do not intentionally keep it on your head or in the groin area. A truly dangerous device can only be for children due to their physiology.
The router device effects are not fully known, they may have little effect on the body. Experts will draw final conclusions about the influence after decades of research. In the meantime, you should try to moderately fence yourself off from Wi-Fi. In particular, care must be taken with kids who systematically use it. The impact of kids' exposure is high. In general, the rule would be that using gadgets for no more than an hour a day. In this case the child can be safe.

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