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Exposure from Router and Other Devices: Comparison

14 Oct 2022   author: Mia Kallu

The routers scare people and create doubts about safety, as it seemed from recent studies. The technology has been on the domestic market for less than 10 years. However, other electrical appliances that have been in use at home for many years seem to have a more serious impact. In order to fully understand whether the device is dangerous, whether it can critically emanate radiation, we compared exposures from microwave ovens, smartphones and diffusers.

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Microwaves turned out to be the most harmful in an apartment building. Its waves with prolonged action can change the structure of internal organs. Because of this effects, food that is placed at a two-meter distance from the oven will quickly deteriorate or become as if boiled. You cannot consume them. If there are people instead of the food products, then after a long stay near the electrical appliance, some will feel dizziness and fatigue.

Mobile gadgets (tablet PCs, smartphones) have shown that they are able to emit less radiation. They harm the body only if a person always carries a gadget with him, close to the body. You can't keep cell phones in your pockets next to your groin. However, when used in moderation, the technique is not dangerous.

The safest was the device transmitting waves, whose power is the smallest. No changes in the apparent state of health, organs or cell structure of the examined were found.

Interesting! Only a minimal influence on the central nervous system of people was noticed, which can simply be avoided by moving away from the Wi-Fi electrical appliance at a distance of 2-3 meters. The devices are almost safe.

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