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Effects of WI-FI in Public Areas on Human Health

13 Oct 2022   author: Mia Kallu

The impact of WiFi wireless networks on the human body: is its radiation harmful?

The number of devices for remote connection to a virtual network has increased dramatically in the present world. Wi-Fi is everywhere: laptops, stationary and tablet devices, mobile phones, and SMART TVs. It is comfortable and aesthetically pleasing, and the router is compact. But the technology uses radio waves that make effects on the human body, so many network users are wondering if Wi-Fi is harmful and how to protect oneself from its negative impact.

Radio Waves
Radio Waves

Wi-Fi signal: what is it, how does it work

Whether the influence of the router and the daily exposure to it is really dangerous is a question that is discussed regularly. The concept of "Wi-Fi" can be deciphered as "transmission without an electric wire", for which the frequency of radio waves is 2.4-5 GHz. The signal strength of the router is similar to the radiation of a mobile phone, or TV radio device. The radio waves in reality make an impact systematically on everything in the yard, apartment or park area.

Is Wi-Fi harmful to health? According to studies, the waves of an electrical appliance affect the rapidly developing body of a child, the human brain, the potency of men and the ability to conceive.

These effects were studied using experimental methods, and negative information is not a myth. According to such studies the effects of Wi-Fi on the human body are relatively weak. If you compare the performance with a microwave oven, you can see an increase in the intensity of the waves of the latter (approximately 100 000 higher radiation levels). For example, 20 desktop PCs are providing an exposure level equivalent to 1 mobile phone.

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